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LURE Energy Ionic cups clear

Instantly satisfying! Versatile, pliable silicone cups embedded with 6 negative ion balls. Each cup creates negative or”reverse” pressure & vacuum suction to boost circulation and deliver fresh oxygenated blood to the cupping area.

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  • Helps temporarily increase localized blood, release tight muscle and restricted fascia
  • Provides temporarily relief for shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle and foot pain
  • Helps temporarily reduce common muscle soreness and minor muscle aches
  • Precision cupping helps support trigger point release

How to use:

  • Place your finger on the cup and push down to create vacuum suction, or place your thumb(s) in the center of the cup and push down until cup turns inside out.
  • Position the cup with the expanded dome shaped side on your skin and push outer edge or “flip” the cup until it returns to the right side, pulling the skin in by creating vacuum suction.
  • Keep in place for 3-15 minutes. To remove, place any finger under the cup to break the suction.
  • For stationary(static) use only – not for massage or gliding cupping

10 Ionic clear cups

Additional information

Weight 0.207 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 8.5 × 21 cm

1 x kit

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